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Bill Blast

Views: 4711996FreewareAction Colin Gagnon
Bill Blast is not a 90's-era Bill Gates hatred game, unlike what you may assume from its name. Rather it's a simple … VIEW
Tags: action  bill

Chopper Commando

Views: 4601996FreewareAction Mark Currie
Chopper Commando is a CGA mission-based strategic action helicopter simulation. Wow that was a real word-salad … VIEW

Super Trix

Super Trix is a promotional game for the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth; it's Israeli name is Xסופר טריק … VIEW

Kapture 3D

Views: 4431994SharewareAction Nate Goudie
Kapture is a first-person perspective 3D capture the flag game played within a maze. Both human players (no CPU AI … VIEW


Views: 4371993FreewareBall & Paddle Bloodlust Software
Nogginnockers (or "Noggin Nockers" as it's mistakenly shown on the title screen) is the original game upon which the … VIEW

Battle Ship

Views: 4311996FreewareTraditional (Board Games) Jim Kitchen
Battle Ship is a textmode version of the classic Battleship board game. It includes SoundBlaster sound effects using a … VIEW


Views: 4231986SharewareSpace Shooting DB Micro Systems
Zapshot is an old CGA space shooting game with some questionable game mechanics. You use the F9 key to shoot and the … VIEW


Views: 4131988SharewareSimulation / Strategy Rad Delaroderie
EGABOMB / VGABOMB (also apparently called "OnTarget" in a re-release by shareware disk publisher Villa Crespo Software) … VIEW


Views: 4021991SharewarePuzzle Richard Vannoy
Mine! is a Minesweeper-like game, but it plays slightly differently than the usual Minesweeper game included with … VIEW

Galaga 94

Views: 3991994FreewareClassic Arnold Pichler
Galaga 94 is a fairly basic Galaga clone, unsurprisingly unsanctioned by Namco. Created in the year 1994, the graphics … VIEW

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