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Buick Dimensions: The Buick Open

Views: 2,2331990FreewareSports InMar Group, Inc., TheBuick
Promotional games were apparently pretty popular in the late 80's and early 90's, with several companies putting out … VIEW

Chex Quest

Views: 35,6201996Freeware3D Shooting Digital Cafe
Based on a modified version of the DOOM engine, Chex Quest was originally included on free promotional CDs with General … VIEW
Tags: 3d  fps  shooter  kids  promotional

Chex Quest 2

Views: 25,1431996Freeware3D Shooting Digital Cafe
Chex Quest 2 is the free sequel to everyone's favorite cereal-themed shooting game! (Does playing this game make you a … VIEW
Tags: 3d  fps  shooter  kids  promotional

Cool Spot

Views: 15,9171994DemoSidescrolling Virgin Interactive
Cool Spot, the former mascot for the 7UP soft drink, starred in his own video game which appeared on several computer … VIEW

Duracell: Run the Bunny

Views: 12,0611996Freeware3D Shooting Adware InteractiveDuracell
Run the Bunny is a terrible game. It was created as an advertisement / marketing ploy for Duracell in the mid 90's. … VIEW

Ford Simulator III

This program is Ford Motor Company's "Electronic Showroom" for their 1992 line of cars. (Previous entries were released … VIEW

Ford Simulator, The

One of the earliest examples of "advergaming", this free program was distributed by Ford (supposedly via disks included … VIEW

Mr. Pibb - The 3D Interactive Game

Views: 10,3831998Freeware3D Shooting BrandGamesCoca-Cola
Mr. Pibb - The 3D Interactive Game is a 3D "shooter" FPS type game which is not very good. But it's interesting … VIEW


Views: 9,2901987FreewareAdventure Orphie Neathery
According to the official website: "NIOSA (pronounced 'knee-oh-sa') is a four-night event that celebrates San Antonio's … VIEW


Views: 1,7561988FreewareAction Raymond T. Albert
Pac-Maine is an obscure CGA oddity from 1988 which was distributed by the University of Maine at Fort Kent as a … VIEW

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