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Views: 6351994SharewarePuzzle Cascoly Software
Towers is described as a Tetris-like game but it doesn't have much in common with it. You are given pieces of various … VIEW

Worm It Up !

Views: 6241992SharewareAction Two Nice Guys, The
Worm It Up is a snake type game that plays a bit awkwardly. It has decent graphics during the start up but during the … VIEW
Tags: action  snake  nibbles  worm


Witches is an original Chess/Checkers-ish game where the goal is to move all of your witches onto the 'X's while your … VIEW


Euchre is a trick-taking card game that I never learned how to play. So my review here will mostly concentrate on the … VIEW

Majestic Dominion

Majestic Dominion is a checkers / draughts game. It features basic graphics and keyboard-based controls, where using a … VIEW

Gun Boat Duck Hunt

Views: 6041995SharewareAction Locoware
Gun Boat Duck Hunt is a mindless shooting game where you kill ducks. As a fan of ducks myself, it's not really much fun … VIEW

Plasma Zone

Plasma Zone is a variation on pentominoes games where the object is to place the pieces together so that they form a … VIEW


Views: 5831995FreewareSidescrolling Sean Lane Fuller
Nanotech is an interesting 3D platforming game where the object is to traverse each small level and crash into a … VIEW

Stellar Police

Stellar Police is a turn-based RPG project created by two young friends. Unlike most PC RPG games which take place in … VIEW

Dead of Night

Views: 5741996DemoSidescrolling Locoware
Dead of Night (not to be confused with "In the Dead of Night which is a 1st person graphical adventure game) is an … VIEW

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