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Need For Slowness, The

Views: 2,0781997SharewareAction Psycho Ward Productions
The Need for Slowness is a text-mode falling-down-the-well type game where your only goal is to avoid hitting the walls. … VIEW

Space Fortress

Views: 2,0741999FreewareSpace Shooting Kris Asick
Space Fortress is a fun little game where you take command of the aforementioned fortress, and must defend it, as per … VIEW


Views: 2,0391992SharewarePuzzle James A. Sausville
Flagger is a version of the classic Minesweeper game, famous for being freely available in Windows. Here there is a … VIEW


Views: 2,0311995SharewarePuzzle Scriptorium
Skullitaire is not a variation on a Solitaire card game; it's actually a version of the peg-jumping puzzle games where … VIEW


Views: 2,0181989FreewareAction MVP Software
Robomaze is the first in a series of Robomaze games created by Keith Laverty of MVP Software fame. Apparently this game … VIEW
Tags: action  robot  shooting  cga


Views: 1,9432003FreewareAction Andrea Fazzi
Nibbles is not surprisingly a Snake / Nibbles type game. Although it's named after the classic QBasic / QuickBasic … VIEW
Tags: action  snake  nibbles  fruit  worm

Super Shooting Acer

Views: 1,9321995FreewareAction M. Brent
Super Shooting Acer is the type of game that a young programmer creates as one of their first offerings to the world. … VIEW


Views: 1,9261992FreewareSidescrolling Thorsoft of Letchworth
Spellchick is a simple game with a way too in-depth story to go with it. If you want you can read the story in the game, … VIEW

Pako 2

Views: 1,9131995SharewareClassic Uranium Software
Pako 2 is a Pac-Man clone with a lot of, errr, interesting graphics and stuff going on. It's a bit confusing but the … VIEW


Views: 1,9081993SharewareAction David Sherohman
GunCrib is a simple first-person perspective shooting game, where you play a gunner stationed on a planet being … VIEW

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