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Super Maxit

Views: 3951991SharewarePuzzle Expert Source Code Inc
Super Maxit is a puzzle / strategy game where you attempt to beat the CPU player in a high-scores contest. It's based on … VIEW

Parsifal: A Medieval Fantasy World

Views: 3941992SharewareSimulation / Strategy Mark Cassidy
Parsifal is a turn-based strategy game with a fantasy theme. You play the red guys, and you must defeat the blue guys. … VIEW

Gamblers & Money Grubbers: Friday Night Poker

Friday Night Poker is one part of the "Gamblers & Money Grubbers" collection / suite of gambling games. The other two, … VIEW

Kitty of Death

Views: 3891995FreewareAction John Isidoro
Kitty of Death is a simple textmode game where the object is to avoid the kitty (green thing) which chases you (red … VIEW


Views: 3851994FreewareClassic MacroHead & MicroBrain
Boulderoid is a remake of the classic Boulder Dash game. It includes maps from the original game as well as other … VIEW

Clif Danger

Clif Danger is a platforming game with great presentation but borderline unplayable gameplay. It makes a lot of the … VIEW


Views: 3801994SharewareMiscellaneous Denis Evans
Fruitbank is a slot machine simulator. It does not emulate a particular machine, but rather seeks to be representative … VIEW

Dungeons of Grimlor II: The Lich

Views: 3781995Full versionAdventure RederWare
Dungeons of Grimlor 2 is the sequel to the original Dungeons of Grimlor game which seemingly uses the same engine (or … VIEW


Views: 3771993SharewareClassic Lee Chapel
Leaper is a competent Frogger clone. To me it seems a little easier than the classic Frogger game, although I only know … VIEW

Splat! PC

Views: 3691998FreewareAction John M. Dow
Splat! PC is a remake of an obscure 1983 game where the object is to collect items like green grass and plums while … VIEW
Tags: action  maze  spider  splat

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