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Shareware (£15)
Up to 2 players, Turn based shared mouse competitive
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320 × 200
Rival Chess screenshot
Rival Chess gameplay screenshot
rival15f.zip - 127k - Run RIVAL.EXE to play
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DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 3.5
Rival Chess is a mouse-based chess program which uses an icon-button system as its primary interface. You can play two-player games, against a CPU opponent, or watch as the CPU plays against itself. There are also a bunch of options, like how the board and pieces look, but more importantly it includes four chess variations: Normal chess, Kinglet, Giveaway chess, and Shatranj. I have no idea what the non-normal variants are but if you want to play them, this might be a good way? There is no difficulty selection for the CPU opponent and I am no judge of how good it is, so it may be tough or may be entirely incompetent, you'll have to play to find out! (Note that you can right click icons to learn what they do!)

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