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* Archived, Jul 2011
Witches screenshot
Witches gameplay screenshot
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DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 3
Witches is an original Chess/Checkers-ish game where the goal is to move all of your witches onto the 'X's while your opponent attempts to move their witches onto the 'O's. It's played on a Chess-like board where each player starts with a line of witches on each side. Each witch has a number which represents how many space it can move. You'll need to plan your strategy to block your opponent's moves while keeping your options open to reach your goal squares. It looks and plays well enough but probably doesn't have the longevity of a game like chess. This is also a one player game vs the CPU so don't expect to play it with a second player.
Simple yet challenging boardgame with
witches. Nice VGA-graphics

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