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Rodeo Poker

Views: 2041991SharewareTetris Style Herringbone Software
Rodeo Poker is described by its author as "A Western-style Tetris Parody". The goal is to drop playing cards into a well … VIEW


Views: 2,0721993SharewarePuzzle Fossware
Silencer is a simple action / strategy game where the goal is to crush ("silence") your enemies by pushing around … VIEW


Views: 1871990FreewareTetris Style Paul R. Tupaczewski
SITris is a Tetris game with a few optional variants that add additional challenge to the game. By default it plays the … VIEW


Views: 4,2231992FreewareTetris Style Tore Bastiansen
SmallTetris is a pretty basic implementation of Tetris; its main feature is its small executable size. Similarly to … VIEW


Views: 6,6061999FreewarePuzzle Twinsen
Sokoland is a version of the classic Sokoban game which includes the 50 levels from the original game, as well as a … VIEW

Taking Care of Business

Views: 10,1271994Full versionPuzzle Moonlite Software
Taking Care of Business (no relation to the BTO song) is a puzzle game of crate pushing, stacking, and jumping. Just get … VIEW

Tear Down The Wall

Views: 9,6601991SharewarePuzzle Langin Software
A cool game that you can play against the computer or a second player. The object is to pull bricks out of a wall, so … VIEW


Views: 2,1541991FreewareTetris Style Greg Ward & Tony Hinrichs
Teetris is a fairly basic text-mode Tetris clone. It gives you the same basic gameplay as all Tetris-clone games: Rotate … VIEW


Views: 3,3381990FreewareTetris Style Hector Noriega R.
TetraFix is essentially another Tetris clone using text-mode, but it's at least presented a little differently and … VIEW

Tetris Queen

Views: 4,3801999FreewareTetris Style David A. Capello
Tetris Queen is a fantastic good for people who enjoy Tetris, a great game for those who like the music of the band … VIEW

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