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Rescue Rover screenshot
Rescue Rover gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 4
This interesting puzzle game was created by future members of id Software (John Carmack, Adrian Carmack, John Romero, Tom Hall ...) while they were still producing games for Softdisk. This is the shareware version of the game, which is apparently rare since most versions still existing are the registered commercial version still being sold online! About the game itself, it's an interesting and difficult EGA puzzle game involving lazers, mirrors, pushable blocks, etc. where the object is to rescue your dog, Rover! Decent graphics, a unique perspective, and thoughtful puzzle design make this a relatively unknown classic.
You've played computer games before, but 
nothing quite like this!  It's a totally new 
game concept that challenges your I.Q. as 
well as your imagination.  You'll solve 
intricate puzzles and concoct clever schemes 
to free your faithful dog Rover from the 
clutches of the robots that have dognapped 
him.  And just when you think you've come up 
with the perfect plan to free Rover...ZAP!  
Think again--you're history!  Addictive and 
amusing, this whimsical game will have you 
hooked in no time!  From GAMER'S EDGE, a 
division of Softdisk Publishing.

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