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Brad Perolis Bomb Seeker

Views: 1,3371997SharewarePuzzle Brad Perolis
Bomb Seeker is a text-mode minesweeper variant which uses a 10x10 grid and 25 bombs, which is a lot higher ratio than … VIEW

BrainStorm Pro

Views: 4,7451994SharewarePuzzle ElkwareHomebrew Software
BrainStorm Pro is a gravity-based piece-matching game which bears similarity in its gameplay to the Epic Megagames … VIEW


Views: 15,6991993SharewarePuzzle Michael RiedelEpic Megagames
This is a game where you match blocks together to clear them from the playing field. It's an interesting concept, and … VIEW

Bubble Crack

Views: 4,9801996FreewarePuzzle Anonymous / Unknown
Bubble Crack is described in the included docs as: "It's... erm... kinda... erm... similar to another... um... game." … VIEW

Bubble Trouble

Views: 1,3221990SharewarePuzzle F. Dodd
Bubble Trouble is an interesting game for one or two players where the object is to drop bubbles and make lines of 3 or … VIEW

Bust-a-Move 2: Arcade Edition

Bust-a-Move (aka Puzzle Bobble) is an extremely popular series of bubble-matching games which combine a puzzle game's … VIEW

Capt'n Squiddy's Bootleg Push-Push

Views: 1,4112005FreewarePuzzle Capt'n Squiddy
Capt'n Squiddy's Bootleg Push-Push is a Sokoban variant that is pretty decent overall. Apparently a version of Sokoban … VIEW

Cargo Bay

Cargo Bay is a Sokoban clone where the object is to push crates on top of transporters. It's jazzed up with a sci-fi … VIEW

Chain Reaction

Views: 4,9351996SharewareTetris Style Webfoot Technologies Inc
Chain Reaction is a Columns clone. It plays the same as the classic game from Sega: Shapes comprised of stacks of three … VIEW

Chain Reaction

Views: 3231990SharewarePuzzle A.R. Wright
Chain Reaction is a puzzle/strategy game where you place marbles on a board, trying to create chain reactions. A space … VIEW

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