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Loader Larry

Views: 10,5401993SharewarePuzzle Soleau Software
Combining puzzle elements with some light jumping action, Loader Larry is a unique kind of puzzle game. The goal is … VIEW

Lomax Coltris

Views: 4,2471996SharewareTetris Style LOMAX Software
Lomax Coltris is a game which includes Columns and Tetris games in a single package. So its name is apt. There are two … VIEW

Loonies 8192

Views: 8,1422018FreewareTetris Style Thomas Perl
Loonies 8192 is what I'll call a "modern retro" game, or maybe a throwback to the oldschool style of DOS games. Anyways, … VIEW

Loser Ball

Views: 6611996FreewarePuzzle Toady One Productions
Loser Ball sounds like some sort of cruel Arkanoid clone, but it's actually similar to Ataxx, Hexxagon, and other … VIEW

Lost Vikings, The

This demo version of the innovative Lost Vikings game gives you a taste of the fairly unique gameplay this game … VIEW


Views: 9,1681996SharewarePuzzle Anarchy Entertainment Inc
Lynq bears striking similarities to another of Anarchy Entertainment's games, Too Many Geckos! The object here, like … VIEW


Views: 9,7411989SharewarePuzzle Soleau Software
Mad Maze is quite similar to the similarly named Blind Maze, also released by Soleau Software. William Soleau was … VIEW

Magic Maze

Views: 5,3871992FreewarePuzzle Karl Berghuber
Magic Maze is a charming puzzle/action game where the object is to rescue the princess. You'll need to collect various … VIEW

Magic Olymp

Views: 5091991FreewareAction Jojo Soft
Magic Olymp is a Boulderdash-style game in that there are pushable blocks that fall using rules similar to that type of … VIEW

Magics I

Views: 3,7951994SharewarePuzzle LOMAX Software
Magics I is actually a small collection of three action/puzzle games. The first two (Magics-Ball and Magics-Cobra) are … VIEW
Tags: puzzle  snake  columns

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