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Menace of Dr Spoil Sport

Views: 10,9601992Shareware3D Shooting David Leithauser
Oh no! Dr Spoil Sport plans to destroy the Earth with his super laser on his floating space station! Only YOU can stop … VIEW

Mr. Pibb - The 3D Interactive Game

Views: 7,6821998Freeware3D Shooting BrandGamesCoca-Cola
Mr. Pibb - The 3D Interactive Game is a 3D "shooter" FPS type game which is not very good. But it's interesting … VIEW


Views: 6011995FreewareSidescrolling Sean Lane Fuller
Nanotech is an interesting 3D platforming game where the object is to traverse each small level and crash into a … VIEW

Nitemare 3D

Views: 22,9851995Shareware (Full version available)3D Shooting Gray Design Associates
From the creator of Hugo's House of Horrors comes this 3D shooter. (Previously misnamed on this website as "Nightmare … VIEW
Tags: 3d  fps  shooter  horror

Oleg Sobolev's ASCII DOOM

Views: 13,1561999FreewareMiscellaneous Oleg Sobolev
Oleg Sobolev's ASCII DOOM was apparently made by someone named Oleg Sobolev, although his name does not appear anywhere … VIEW

Operation Body Count

Views: 20,2321994Demo3D Shooting Capstone Software
Operation Body Count is a 3D shooting game built using a modified version of the Wolfenstein 3D engine. Unfortunately, … VIEW
Tags: 3d  fps  shooter  wolf3d

Outer Ridge

Views: 6,5211994SharewareSpace Shooting Ticsoft
Outer Ridge is sort of a 3D interpretation of the classic Asteroids arcade game. You fly around in space and shoot … VIEW


Views: 7301998SharewareAction Wah-Software
Phase2 is a graphically impressive game with extremely difficult controls which makes it not much fun to play. The goal … VIEW


Powerslave (also known as "Exhumed") is a FPS built using the Build engine (an the engine used to create Duke Nukem 3D). … VIEW


Views: 131,2181996Shareware (Full version available)3D Shooting iD Software
One of the best DOS games ever? Probably! Released as the long-awaited follow up to iD Software's classic DOOM, Quake … VIEW
Tags: 3d  fps  shooter  aliens  scifi

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