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Maze Quest gameplay screenshot
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640 × 350
Maze Quest screenshot
Maze Quest gameplay screenshot
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Maze Quest little-known RPG that is the shareware version of City Quest, which is said to be a sprawling full-length RPG with numerous features. I'm not sure about that, since I'm not aware of an existing copy of the full game of City Quest. This entry is a first-person RPG (like Dungeon Hack and similar games) using high-res 16-color graphics. You begin by painstakingly assembling your party of adventurers, and then after a brief and somewhat confusing venture around town, you enter into the "maze" to fight creatures like rats, and presumably more fierce beasts later on. Make sure to buy and equip weapons before you enter the maze because you won't be able to damage anything without 'em! Read the in-game help for descriptions of the various keys. You can only achieve level 2 for each character in the shareware version.

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