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Screenshot of Hugo 3: Jungle of Doom Review:  Rating: 4
The third and last game in the Hugo series which began with the much more widely-known Hugo's House of Horrors. This game takes place after a plane crash in the jungle, after which Penelope is bitten by a poisonous snake. It's again up to Hugo to save the day! The same game engine is used as the previous games, with a few tweaks, like a hints engine. Hugo's sprite will also change size as he moves farther into the background. The EGA graphics are generally quite good as this game brings the series to a close. It's safe to say that if you enjoyed the first two games, you'll likely enjoy the finale as well!
VGA graphics adventure game.
The final episode in the hugely popular
trilogy of colorful animated VGA
adventure games.  It features spectacular
full screen graphics, a new "turbo" button
and built-in hints.  Will HUGO outwit the
evil Witch Doctor, find the mysterious Pool
of Life and finally beat his arch-enemy the
old man?  You bet, and much more besides!

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