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Screenshot of Hugo 2: Whodunit? Review:  Rating: 4
The second of the trilogy of "Hugo" graphical adventure games, this game keeps the same style as the first but takes a murder mystery theme rather than a horror theme. You still play as the intrepid Hugo who, now along with Penelope whom he rescued in the first game, just want to rest on their vacation. However doings are afoot, and you'll soon be drawn into the action. You still type commands to do things, and will probably benefit from a walkthrough to help you through the game. Decent graphics of the early King's Quest or Space Quest style, but as usual the PC speaker sounds are annoying at best! Thankfully they can be easily turned off. The author claims that this game is "50% bigger" than Hugo 1!
VGA graphics adventure game.
It's adventure time again as Hugo & Penelope
get swept up in another superbly animated
adventure.  This time a murder mystery is
afoot with a couple of fiendish twists and a
large helping of humor.  Just look what's in
store - a revolving bookcase, a saucy French
maid and a murderer!  Over 50% bigger than
the original Hugo's House of Horrors!

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