FBI Fred screenshot
FBI Fred gameplay screenshot
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Shareware ($10)
Single player
For Kids:
640 × 350
DOSBox Cycles:
2000 (Approximate)
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FBI Fred screenshot
FBI Fred gameplay screenshot
DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 2.5
FBI Fred is a strange EGA platforming game starring "FBI Fred" who looks a little like the OG Duke Nukem and spends his time in gross rat and pigeon infested sewers. So you wander around in the subway platform / tunnel, not sure what your goal is, avoiding the baddies; you are given a laser and a gun but only 5 ammo of each. I'm not sure if you ever get more. The game is definitely cryptic; you press the down arrow to do things, but aren't told what you're trying to do or how to do it. (Pro tip: When you see yellow arrows, stand beside them and face them before pressing down! See the cheats/walkthrough link for a video of someone actually playing through this game.) Not a great game but it looks like it would be ... also seems quite difficult, save states might be necessary to complete this ...

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