Duke Nukem 2 screenshot
Duke Nukem 2 gameplay screenshot
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Duke Nukem 2 screenshot
Duke Nukem 2 gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 4
Between the original, classic Duke and the kickass Duke Nukem 3D came the unheralded sequel, Duke II. (Which really would've been Duke 4, if you counted the "registered-only" episodes 2 and 3.) The main advantages of the sequel over the original are in the areas of its graphics (in-game graphics, besides the introduction and some cutscenes, are still EGA, but they look better) and sound (SB instead of the PC speaker). It looks and sounds great, and the game is a bit more linear and action-focused compared to the exploration-heavy original game. However, despite the cool new effects, it doesn't seem quite as fun as the original.
sequel takes Duke to an alien planet where
his brain can be used to devise the ultimate
attack agaist Earth! Two years to make, this
sequel to the award-winning original boasts
more incredible action than any game ever,
with killer music, SB effects, & cinematics.
Duke uses four powerful weapons, flies an
attack shuttle, shoots in 4 directions, etc.
Multiple skill levels. 80386+ recommended.
Duke I was 1992 Shareware Game of the Year!

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