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Snow White's Voyage screenshot
Snow White's Voyage gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 2.5
Snow White's Voyage is a mostly unknown platforming / action hybrid game created by Alive Software, more well known for other games they produced such as Scubaman's Quest. In this game you play Snow White, who has been tasked by the Evil Queen to gather flowers and fruit. Apparently the Queen has also convinced the local fauna to ruthlessly attack Snow White, so you'll need to avoid them (such as the ravens that drop eggs on you) as you collect various items. The levels are linear and progress as you move from left to right. You can pick up things to attack with, but you have limited ammo, so dodging enemies is usually more effective. Graphically the game looks decent, but the music is a bit tinny and repetitive. Control-wise, the character moves around without too much difficulty. Overall, it's a passable platforming game (which also throws in some other gameplay style later on) which won't compare to classics like Duke Nukem but can be enjoyable in its own right.
At long last, a Fun Arcade Game for Girls.
SnowWhite in her voyages has to survive the
jealous Queen's plots. Avoid trolls, worms,
crows, bats, mice, walking pumpkins, frogs, 
crocodiles, dragons, spiders and many more.
Catch rabbits, butterflies and balloons.
Use your magic rings to rescue the dwarfs.
Become the Prince and hop on your white pony.
Requires 386/VGA Options: SBlaster, Joystick.

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