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Dr. Spoc screenshot
Dr. Spoc gameplay screenshot
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DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 2.5
Dr. Spoc is similar to other pseudo-AI "psychologist" programs like Eliza or Dr Sbaitso. But the included documentation for Dr. Spoc (a reference to the logical Star Trek character?) proudly proclaims that "This one is no Eliza!" This program seems more pre-scripted than Eliza and similar software. It asks you specific questions, then responds to your answers. Many of the questions are yes or no type questions, which of course make the logic a lot easier than trying to interpret the grammar and content of what the user types. Still an interesting program, and judging from the poor spelling in the software, it may have been made by a younger person, despite its claims to "contain procedures from actual psychology".
Dr. Spoc: Computer Psychiatrist-- This one
is no Eliza! Great entertainment as you
type your answers to the computer's queries.
Shareware ($5) from Special Programs and
Operations Company.

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