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Beyond the Abyss screenshot
Beyond the Abyss gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 2
Beyond the Abyss is an example of what could've been a good game marred by numerous poor game design choices. It looks and plays somewhat like a Gauntlet-inspired action / maze game, with a similar feel to the arcade classic. You run around the maze shooting things and collecting treasure, while searching for keys to progress to the next level. (Three levels are included in this shareware version.) However the way the game is designed almost kills any entertainment to be had here; it's difficult to describe, but due to the way the enemies move and shoot at you, you're almost guaranteed to take hits, and actually hitting the enemies can be a chore since your tiny bullets will often miss the intended target due to the way the enemies move within the mazes. It's hard to explain but you'll understand immediately upon playing the game. There are also other issues, like the fact that keys look nearly the same as piles of gold so they're easy to miss, and the fact that the maze-like structure of the levels is TOO maze-like so they're very difficult to navigate. It could've been fun (and has some nice sprite-based graphics) but really too many problems almost ruin the entire experience.
══════════■Beyond The Abyss■═══════════ 
An incredible new Gauntlet-style game,
but with so much more variety. Fight
your way through castles, deserts,
swamps, forrests, mountains, and more.
Very smooth scrolling, tons of sprites,
and digital sound effects help add to
the frenzied excitement! This is a must
download! Optional: Snd Crd & Joystick.
Requires: 1M ram, 286+, VGA.

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