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Before the Catacomb series went 3D, it started as a 2D action / maze / Gauntlet-like game. Similarly to how Wolfenstein went from 2D to 3D, so did Catacomb. This game was created by the founders of id Software for Softdisk before they moved on to found their own company. It plays similarly to Gauntlet, although the levels are a lot more sparse. As you run around in the CGA/EGA levels and shoot demons, you will also pick up health and other powerups. You can hold the Alt key to strafe, which became common in later 3D games but is rare in a 2D game like this. This strafing technique is useful to shoot the walls and find secrets, since many are hidden throughout the levels. (This game was apparently distributed for free by Softdisk to promote their Gamer's Edge subscription service. The full game is known as either "The Catacomb" or "Catacomb II".)

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