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Aethra Chronicles gameplay screenshot
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Aethra Chronicles screenshot
Aethra Chronicles gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 4
The Aethra Chronicles is an in-depth roleplaying game where you build a party of three adventurers (somewhat painstakingly so with all the different options) before venturing out on your epic quest! You can also acquire hired helpers during the game, for a maximum party of six heroes! This RPG was apparently based on the real-world Rolemaster pen-and-paper RPGs, which helps explain its depth. The presentation of the game is good, with detailed graphics and MIDI music, although the music repeats rather frequently. The gameplay is classic PC RPG type stuff, with certain elements borrowed from the SSI "Gold Box" series of games. Definitely not a game to play casually, but if you're looking for an in-depth long-term investment, this might be your game. (Probably download and play offline if that's the case ...)
The Aethra Chronicles V1.1, Fantasy Role Playing
a game unlike any Shareware Game in its Genre. 
Incredible High Resolution Graphics are
just the start. You are on a quest to save
the kidnapped prince and clear your fathers
name.  You will create your characters, hire
or find companions to join you in your quest
and then you are off.  Your Travels will take
you across the land to find what clues you
can. Clues which will lead you to discover  
the horrible truth behind the young princes 
disappearance. We believe you will truly 
be surprised by this one. Requires EGA/VGA,
286 or better, and 6 Meg Free on Harddrive.
Mouse and Soundcard recommended.

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