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Teetris gameplay screenshot
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Single player
For Kids:
640 × 400
DOSBox Cycles:
1500 (Approximate)
Teetris screenshot
Teetris gameplay screenshot
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DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 2
Teetris is a fairly basic text-mode Tetris clone. It gives you the same basic gameplay as all Tetris-clone games: Rotate & drop the pieces to make lines to clear blocks from the well. The main differences here are 1) You can cheat by pressing one of the number keys (not numeric-keypad keys) to change the next piece (you will lose score and may not qualify for the high score table if you do this) and 2) The game insults you if you make what it deems as a mistake. There is no way to speed up a piece's descent (only to drop it immediately) and the numeric keypad is required to play comfortably, so this probably won't be your first choice to play Tetris. (Note: I'm not sure what speed this game is supposed to run, 1500 cycles in DOSBox is my best guess.)

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