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Vampyr screenshot
Vampyr gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 3
Vampyr is an RPG with EGA graphics that is set squarely in the mold of the Ultima CRPG games. Developed in one summer by two high school students and a few "helpers", this game boasts a pretty impressive world and feature set. There is no party here; you create a single PC and choose your race of human, drawf, elf, or corantir (?). Then you roll some stats, assign a whole lot of skill points, and head out into the world, first to the nearby castle to get a quest from the king. Typical RPG stuff, but if you like the early CRPG genre of the Ultima 2-4 era you will probably enjoy this as well. At least talking to the NPCs usually yields unique and sometimes humorous one-liner responses. It seems quite difficult in the beginning so you may need to level grind a bit before you actually start taking on the quests.

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