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- Run ULTIZURK.EXE to start Review:  Rating: 3
Ultizurk (alternately titled "The Great Ultizurkian Underland") is obviously heavily influenced by the Ultima series of RPGs. It is a slow-paced old-school RPG with an isometric perspective, passable graphics and keyboard based gameplay. There is a long introduction story which you can watch/read if you're interested but I ended up skipping most of it. If you long for the days of isometric RPGs and are willing to put up with its slow pace, you may enjoy this game.
The Great Ultizurkian Underland Version 5.5
Role-playing adventure game for DOS
Requires DOS 5.0+; 640K+; Hard disk mouse;
VGA monitor; 386SX 16 PC or compatible
Runfile: ULTIZURK Documentation: README.TXT 

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