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Stained Glass gameplay screenshot
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640 × 400
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7000 (Approximate)
Stained Glass screenshot
Stained Glass gameplay screenshot
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Stained Glass is a unique and confusing text-mode puzzle game where the object is to clear the 12x6 grid of all of the pieces. You clear the pieces by moving them in specifically pre-defined ways, and they affect other pieces according to color combinations. These are more detailed than I can get into here, but make sure to press the E key within the game to see the examples which also acquaints you with the rules. Personally I find it too difficult to keep track of all of the color combinations and try to plan a strategy on a board with 72 pieces, but perhaps you'll have a more attuned mind for this sort of game than I do! This game was apparently the inspiration for Tesserae, a later game for Apple platforms that had improved graphics but similar gameplay. (QuickBasic source code to Stained Glass is included in the archive.)

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