Gravedigger screenshot
Gravedigger gameplay screenshot
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Shareware ($20)
Single player
For Kids:
640 × 400
DOSBox Cycles:
4000 (Approximate)
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* Archived, Mar 2007
Gravedigger screenshot
Gravedigger gameplay screenshot
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Gravedigger is an interesting text-mode game with edited ASCII characters and a custom font. It's a puzzle / action game where the object is simply to collect the keys (and optionally gems) and make it to the exit of each single-screen level. You play a gravedigger armed with your shovel, and you can use it to "interact" with different objects. There seems to be a decent amount of variety to the levels, and detailed descriptions of your death when you die. Not sure exactly how to deal with the monsters you encounter but if you play enough I guess you'll figure it out? This game includes source code in QuickBasic / QBasic format. If using DOSBox, make sure to toggle Num Lock off & on. Use the numeric keypad to control your character.
If using DOSBox, make sure to toggle Num Lock off & on. Use the numeric keypad to control your character.
GRAVEDIGGER vol:1 from InFluid Software
Horror action adventure puzzle game. As a
gravedigger, you heard about Loodam Crypts
and the fact that they're filled with
treasures, gold and crystals, and the most
important - Duunuan Statue! You tread in
the adventure of your life, avoiding deadly
traps on the way, killer zombies, mummies,
skeletons... Game offers VGA graphics 16
color, animation, PC-speaker sound,
variety of puzzles, and non-repetative
levels. Shareware includes 1 episode.
Requires VGA graphics and 286-16

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