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Squasher gameplay screenshot
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Shareware ($25)
Single player
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640 × 350
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5000 (Approximate)
Squasher screenshot
Squasher gameplay screenshot
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DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 2.5
Squasher is a game that according to the author is based on "Squisher and Squasher" which was provided as BASIC code in the 1984 book "The Big Fat Book of Computer Games". It's sort of like Pac Man but more planning based rather than based on quick reflexes. Your goal is to collect all the purple money bags on the level (and as many dots as possible for points) without letting the monsters catch you. There are only two enemies, but the layouts of the levels make it difficult to avoid them, and one hit means game over. The game uses character-edited text mode for a unique look. Plays decently but you're at the mercy of the random level generator.

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