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Search for Freedom screenshot
Search for Freedom gameplay screenshot
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Clearly a lot of work has gone into The Search for Freedom. The author has intended it to incorporate the best of his favorite CRPGs, such as Pool of Radiance and Bard's Tale. The game takes place primarily from a first-person perspective as you explore the town and catacombs. Navigating the town is super confusing, since all of the walls and doors look exactly the same, so it's very difficult to know where you're going. There are plenty of locations to visit however and many NPCs to interact with. There is also an involved character creation and party system, as well as a long backing storyline which informs your adventures. Be sure to check out the extensive manual for much more detailed information about how everything works, especially since the keyboard-based controls can be difficult to get used to.

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-- The Search for Freedom v1.3 --

Programmed completely in Turbo Pascal
7.0 by Howard Feldman

This is a role-playing fantasy game,
similar in many facets to Ultima 4-
style controls, Bard's Tale puzzles,
and and SSI Gold Box-style combat
system.  This is my first game on
the IBM and I hope you all enjoy it.
It consists of 4 towns, 22 dungeon
levels, and 2 wildernesses to explore,
along with 100 items, over 100
different monsters with over 50
different icons.  Soundblaster
supported sound effects and music
are included as well.

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