QB Debugger Hero screenshot
QB Debugger Hero gameplay screenshot
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QB Debugger Hero screenshot
QB Debugger Hero gameplay screenshot
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This game works in DOSBox but not currently in-browser. Please download and play on your device. How to use DOSBox Review:  Rating: 3
QB Debugger Hero is a game made in under 6 hours by Pixelmusement curator Kris Asick / Gemini during some online streaming sessions. It is a text-mode game that clones the basic gameplay of Robotron 2084 and similar twin-stick shooter games. You'll need to use the numeric keypad to shoot (if your keyboard doesn't have one, you're out of luck!) and blast through endless levels of baddies. The challenge continues to slowly increase as you complete levels, and while the visuals are text-only they are well-done and help create an engaging experience. A simple game (not surprising given how quickly it was made) but still fun. Also includes source code. NOTE: The in-browser DOSBox implementation doesn't work properly due to not detecting the Numpad properly, you'll need to download and install locally to play.

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