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Llamatron 2112

Views: 18,4521992Full versionAction Llamasoft
A weird shooting game (a take-off of the old "Robotron" games) where you control and llama and you run around firing … VIEW

QB Debugger Hero

Views: 8,0952017FreewareAction Kris Asick
QB Debugger Hero is a game made in under 6 hours by Pixelmusement curator Kris Asick / Gemini during some online … VIEW


Views: 3011995FreewareClassic Martin Hayden
Robotica is a clone of the popular Robotron arcade game. Using both the mouse and keyboard (mouse to move, keyboard to … VIEW

Robotron 2084

Views: 11,4741994FreewareClassic Softlair Computer Products
Robotron was the first popular arcade game to feature the dual-stick control scheme, allowing the player to move and … VIEW

Takatron: 2098

Views: 4,2961998FreewareAction M. Brent
Takatron is a Robotron-inspired shooting game with a Lion King theme. Yup, really. The author describes it thusly: "Take … VIEW

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