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Putty Squad gameplay screenshot
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Putty Squad screenshot
Putty Squad gameplay screenshot
DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 4.5
Putty Squad is a demo of a platforming game that unfortunately never seems to have seen a full-length release for DOS. The game, a sequel to the original Putty Squad, was released for SNES and Amiga, and much later remade and re-released for modern consoles like XBox 360 and Nintendo Switch. Anyways it's an interesting and zany platforming game where the object is to use your blob character to collect all of the scattered "Putties" (other blobs). You can punch as well as stretch out to grab things, drop down to levels below, etc. There are also plenty of objects to collect and interact with. Graphics are colorful and vibrant (there's even a short intro cinematic), sounds are good, and the game keeps things interesting with new objects you'll encounter. It's a shame the full version was never finished for DOS! (The developer released the full verison of the game for the Amiga for free so you can download that from their website if you'd like to play it and have a way to run it)!

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