Risky Woods screenshot
Risky Woods gameplay screenshot
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Risky Woods screenshot
Risky Woods gameplay screenshot
DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 3
Risky Woods is an interesting game release from Electronic Arts, since it's a 2D platformer which is not what the company is known for. The look and gameplay feels a bit similar to the game GODS developed by the Bitmap Brothers and released in the previous year. Anyways, your character in Risky Woods runs from left to right, killing enemies like skeletons by throwing knives. Each enemy (and many powerup-holders like chests or bags) drop coins or other items for you to collect; the game's most annoying "feature" may be that you have to press the down key each time to collect each item, which quickly becomes tedious. The game does play pretty well though other than that quirk. The demo version presents a sample of what the full game offers.

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