Castle Master screenshot
Castle Master gameplay screenshot
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Single player
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320 × 200
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2000 (Approximate)
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Castle Master screenshot
Castle Master gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 3.5
Castle Master is a 3D first-person perspective action/adventure game. Unlike later games like Wolfenstein 3D this game uses polygon graphics via the "Freescape" engine. (A later version of this engine would power the "Virtual Reality Studio" aka "3D Construction Kit" which powers games like Menace of Dr Spoil Sport.) At the beginning of the game you choose to be either a prince or princess (not sure if it has any impact on the game or not) and then begin exploring the castle, and the grounds around it. You can move with the keyboard and aim your slingshot with the mouse (option 4 at the main menu) which is probably the preferred control set up. It's an interesting game and probably fun to just explore as much as possible. This demo version includes only the first level.
Arrows Move / turn
A Action button (look, use, etc)
Spacebar Toggle between move and pointer modes
0 or 5 on numeric keypad: Shoot a rock
Use the mouse in pointer mode to aim, left button shoots a rock, right button acts as the action button. You can also click the buttons at the bottom to look around and so on. Full controls are in the included READ.ME file.

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