Beyond Castle Wolfenstein screenshot
Beyond Castle Wolfenstein gameplay screenshot
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Beyond Castle Wolfenstein screenshot
Beyond Castle Wolfenstein gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 3.5
Beyond Castle Wolfenstein is a free release of an originally commercial game which was released for free after the death of its author. ("After the death of Silas Warner in 2004, the reconstructed source code and a ported version of the game was released for free by his widow in honor of him.") The original Castle Wolfenstein of course helped inspire Wolfenstein 3D, one of the most well-known early FPS games. This is the sequel to Castle Wolfenstein, and is in fact a fan-made conversion of the PC booter to a native DOS program. It retains the complexity of the original game; see the instructions below for the myriad of keys required to play! Definitely not an easy game to jump into but I'm sure some people will enjoy it.
From the included docs:

Key Reference.  The player and gun controls are 2 eight way keyboard layouts.

move player:        gun control:
 QWE                  IOP
 ASD                  KL;
 ZXC                  ,./

S=stop walking      L=fire gun  

Other controls:
H=holster gun.
F=apply first aid (if you have a first aid kit).
M=give money to guard in leu of a pass.
1-5=Pass # to give to guard.
Space=Search and open closets, move bodies.
U=use object. 
:=switch weapons.
B=drop or pick up bomb.
R=reset bomb timer.
Ctrl-T=Use toolkit (multiple purposes)
Opening Closets: aim gun at the closet and press the spacebar.

Unlock Closets: aim gun at closet then use number keys for 3-digit combination.  A small click will be heard when the correct tumbler falls into place.

Search Dead Guards: stand over body and press spacebar.

Drag Dead Guards: stand adjacent to body, aim gun in the general direction of the body and press spacebar.

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CTRL-F12 attempts to speed up game, CTRL-F11 attempts to slow it down. See Instructions section above for help playing the game!

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