Brudal Baddle screenshot
Brudal Baddle gameplay screenshot
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Shareware ($14.95)
Up to 2 players, Simultaneous shared keyboard or joystick competitive
For Kids:
No. Violence and/or sexual content
320 × 200
DOSBox Cycles:
8000 (Approximate)
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Brudal Baddle screenshot
Brudal Baddle gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 2
Mortal Kombat was a tremendously popular game, and spawned numerous copycat games. Brudal Battle (full title "Brudal Baddle: The Quest for Talis Ra"?) uses a similar motion-captured character technique and also a similar feel / moveset as the popular violent arcade game. Of course this game was created by amateur teen developers (I presume the same ones digitized as the fighters in the game) so it's not quite as polished as the professional games, but it does demonstrate considerable effort and chutzpah to even attempt such a game. In practice, the gameplay is a bit choppy, and if there are special moves, I didn't see any listed in the documentation, and wailing on the available keys didn't seem to produce any. Only three playable characters are included in the shareware version.
Player one keys:
Up Jump
Down Duck
Left / Right Move
. Punch
/ Kick

Player two keys:
T Jump
V Duck
F / G Move
Z Punch
X Kick
==-      BRUDAL BADDLE  v1.4   -==
A Fast Action Fighting Game in the       
Tradition of Mortal Kombat and Street 
Fighter 2.   Flying blood, turbo speeds,
cool sound, hot music, digitized actors 
and special moves. 
    386 or better, VGA, 4 MB ram 

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