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Balloonz screenshot
Balloonz gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 3.5
Clearly a takeoff of the popular Nintendo game Balloon Fight (but not quite a clone), Balloonz is an enjoyable although simple game. It's actually two games in one, just like Balloon Fight for the NES, although the games themselves are different. The first mode is dubbed "Midnight Journeys" and it's very similar to the "Balloon Trip" mode in Balloon Fight. The graphics and everything are quite close. The main difference here is that there are different levels. The second mode is called "Puff-gunners" and it's a two-player only game. Each of you attempts to use your air-blowing guns to shoot puffs at balloons to score points, pushing them onto your opponent's side. Both games work well, although they are both pretty simple, and Puff-gunners requires a second player to play.
 Balloonz! v1.0 by Adrian B. Danieli
        1993 Acumen Software
VGA required,  SoundBlaster supported
   Two action\arcade games in one!
Pop balloons while flying thru deadly
 star fields, and blow your opponent
 a way with your puff gun in game 2.

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