Category description: Board games such as chess, checkers, dominoes, and many more have been popular since way before computers. These physical games, and many more, have been recreated in digital form. Although you lose some of the tactile enjoyment of holding the pieces, it sure makes setup and cleanup of the games a lot quicker! It also allows certain features and mechanics that would be impossible to recreate outside of a computer.
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Views: 3,9971992SharewareTraditional (Board Games) Sam Bellotto Jr
Enigmacross is a computerized version of an acrostic puzzle. It's sort of like a crossword, but after answering the … VIEW


Views: 1,5971996SharewareTraditional (Board Games) Richard Gardner
Euchre is a trick-taking card game that I never learned how to play. So my review here will mostly concentrate on the … VIEW

Five Hundred

Views: 1,9931997SharewareTraditional (Board Games) Garry McKay
500 is a card game of the trump/trick variety. I'm not entirely sure how to play because the game kind of assumes you … VIEW


Views: 5,6571992SharewareTraditional (Board Games) PC Solutions
Flip-It is a version of the classic Reversi / Othello board game. The gameplay is the same: Take turns placing disks of … VIEW


Flux is a mouse-based Othello / Reversi clone that features four different board layouts and three computer AI … VIEW

Follow the Leader!

Views: 1,2361993SharewareTraditional (Board Games) Wonder-Soft
Follow the Leader is a Simon clone where a sequence of colors gradually builds and you must remember and re-enter them … VIEW


Forzee is an interesting mix of the traditional games of Yahtzee and Poker. You basically get poker hands dealt to you, … VIEW


Views: 9,1212002FreewareTraditional (Board Games) John Augustine
This game mimics the classic Connect Four vertical checkers board game published by Milton Bradley. The object is to … VIEW


Views: 10,3911990SharewareTraditional (Board Games) Mark L. Bakke
Frazzle is an interesting dice game which you might assume is a clone of the popular Yahtzee game, but it's actually … VIEW

Gamblers & Money Grubbers: Friday Night Poker

Friday Night Poker is one part of the "Gamblers & Money Grubbers" collection / suite of gambling games. The other two, … VIEW

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