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World Empire gameplay screenshot
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Up to 4 players, Turn based competitive
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World Empire screenshot
World Empire gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 3
World Empire is a Risk-like world domination game where the object is to take over the world by conquering different countries one by one. The main innovation of this game versus others in the genre is the concept of ideologies. There are four ideologies in the game (one for each player, if there are four playing) and depending on which ideology the country you're taking over supports, it may make things easier or more difficult for you. The game supports both keyboard and mouse, although the mouse is used to move the keyboard cursor around, not as a mouse cursor per se, so you're probably better off just sticking with the keyboard. Generally the game plays well enough, and has adequate graphics and sounds (there are some little cutscenes that play out when you attack countries) but the gameplay itself is pretty basic. This game spawned a series of World Empire games that continue to this day, check the World Empire V page for the latest version.
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The classic strategy game.  Battle
the computer or fellow humans for
world domination!  This award-
winning program offers hours, nay, 
days - of enjoyable hegemony.
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     with Ultimate Software

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