Ultris screenshot
Ultris gameplay screenshot
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Shareware ($15CDN)
Up to 2 players, Keyboard and mouse competitive or co-op
For Kids:
640 × 480
ultris.zip - 145k - Run ULTRIS.EXE to play
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Ultris screenshot
Ultris gameplay screenshot
DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 4
Ultris is a more impressive package than it first appears. Described by the then-14-year-old author as "The Ultimate Tetris" it in fact includes both Tetris and Columns clones. These games work well enough, and include standard features like "next block". One of the big draws is that you can play two player mode, with one player using the keyboard and the other using a mouse. You can play independently of each other or you can play co-op or competitive modes. The graphics are fine for a puzzle game and the numerous options and variety provided make this Tetris clone stand out from many of the others. The main annoyance I found is that pressing the Up key increases the level, and I sometimes did so accidentally making the game harder than intended!
Player 1 (left) keyboard controls:
(Using numeric keypad is recommended!)
Left & Right Move block left and right
Home & PgUp Rotate the block
PgDn Drop block to bottom
Up Raises level (!)
Enter Pause / menu
Player 2 (right) mouse controls:
Move mouse left and right to place the block
Left mouse button & Right mouse button Rotate block
Middle mouse button Drop block (pressing scroll wheel works too)
Spacebar Pause / menu

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CTRL-F12 attempts to speed up game, CTRL-F11 attempts to slow it down. See Instructions section above for help playing the game!

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