TEGL Mille Bornes screenshot
TEGL Mille Bornes gameplay screenshot
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TEGL Mille Bornes screenshot
TEGL Mille Bornes gameplay screenshot
DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 4.5
Mille Bornes is a 2-player French card game from Parker Brothers that simulates a 700km (~435 miles) car race. This unofficial computer adaptation seems to play quite similarly to the original card game. (I haven't played the "real" game so it may differ in subtle ways.) The main advantages it has over the CGA Mille Bornes clone on this website are its improved graphics and mouse-based interface. The game plays the same: Play cards to advance your car or slow down your computer opponent. There is no 2-player mode in this game (although that would be difficult since you'd be able to see their cards) but he CPU AI seems to behave reasonably. Not a bad way to play this classic game on your PC!

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