Teddy Part I - Jan's Dream screenshot
Teddy Part I - Jan's Dream gameplay screenshot
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8000 (Approximate)
Teddy Part I - Jan's Dream screenshot
Teddy Part I - Jan's Dream gameplay screenshot
teddyt.zip - 545k - Run START.EXE to play
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DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 3.5
Teddy Part I - Jan's Dream (original German title: Teddy TeilI - Jan's Traum) is a German platforming game. The story (as best as I understand it via Google Translate) is that someone named Jan dreamed they turned into a teddy bear, and now you must help them escape from their bad dream. You do so by hopping around levels while grabbing a variety of powerups that you can use to progress (like a spring to jump higher) or a bomb (to defeat ground-based enemies). The graphics are decent and it includes some MIDI music; controls are a bit tight though. A decent enough game which is a bit harder to play for non-German speakers like me, but at least the in-game controls are displayed in English! (Just choose the first / top option at the menu screen to play.)

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