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Screenshot of Super Angelo Review:  Rating: 4
This game is as close as you could possibly get to copying Super Mario Brothers without getting slammed for copyright infringement! (In fact, I'm pretty sure Wiering release a Mario clone that used the same engine ... and I received a take-down notice to remove it from many years ago ...) Anyways, this is a very slickly produced running and jumping game featuring "Super Angelo" who looks suspiciously like the popular Nintendo character. :) Fun game nevertheless! (And this was released long before the Android app store was full of lame Mario clones ...)
 ─══════════─ SUPER ANGELO ─══════════─
Help the brave Angelo defeat the dragons
in order to rescue the princess! Another
smooth scrolling Mario-style action game
by Wiering Software. Requires: 286, VGA.
Shareware version 2.1, September 2001.

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