Robomaze II screenshot
Robomaze II gameplay screenshot
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Robomaze II Registered Version (, 578k) - This full version with all three Robomaze II games was released for free by MVP Software. Read the enclosed README file for installation instructions.

Robomaze II screenshot
Robomaze II gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 3
Robomaze 2 is an EGA sidescrolling game made by MVP Software. The game involves lots of jumping and item collection, as well as some light shooting action. The story involves a robot climbing a tower to stop some sort of tyrannical dictator. You also collect money which can be used to buy powerups. The game is decent, and it seems as though a lot of effort went into it but the gameplay is not very exciting.
Robomaze II: The Lobby MVP Software 
Fast-paced action game selected by PsL
News as one of the best arcade games of
1991.  Battle evil robots in your quest
as a freedom fighter.  This is one of
most popular shareware games ever, with
over 20,000 registered copies sold!
Colorful graphics on EGA/VGA; supports CGA.

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