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Up to 11 players, LAN, Modem?
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No. Violence and/or sexual content
320 × 200

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Lasersoft ROTT Deluxe Levels (, 50k) - Adds three extra single player levels (between shareware levels 1 & 2) and also three extra multiplayer levels.

Screenshot of Rise Of The Triad Review:  Rating: 3
A fairly cool shooting game from Apogee. It's sort of inbetween Wolf3D and Duke3D. It has some cool new features, such as choosing different characters at the beginning of the game, each of whom has unique abilities. But at times they don't seem to work together all that well. For example, there's too much platform jumping. Some people love this game, presumably due to its aesthetic, but I personally don't care for it. It doesn't feel as smooth as Doom.
░▒▓█ Version 1.3  3D Shareware by Apogee █▓▒░
"ROTT will have every DOOM freak in the world
lining up just to drool over it!" ─- IE Mag.
Requires 386DX+, 4Megs RAM & local bus video.
ROTT is a REALISTIC, violent 3D action game.
10+ weapons, HUGE levels, modem/network play.
Midi music & digital sounds for all cards.
Digitized enemies, INTENSE ACTION, realistic
playability. RSAC Rating 4 - Wanton Violence
HIGHLY RATED by ALL top game magazines.

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