Modern Problems screenshot
Modern Problems gameplay screenshot
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Shareware ($5-10)
Single player
For Kids:
640 × 350
DOSBox Cycles:
7000 (Approximate)
MP_ARC.ZIP - 212k - Run MP.EXE to play
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Modern Problems screenshot
Modern Problems gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 4
Modern Problems is a great game for fans of puzzle games who want to test their abilities in a variety of different puzzles. Okay granted, most of them are variations of only a few basic types, but still, at least they're not all the same. Your goal is to figure out how to pass each level. You can select which level you want to try (or at least each group of levels) so you don't need to pass them all to try the others. Usually the goal will be fairly obvious, or after failing once, you can get the general idea. Graphics are basic but get the job done, and control is fluid using the mouse. The game exhibits a lot of personality as well, which you may love or dislike depending on your own preferences!
Modern Problems - is a collection of
puzzles in logic and reflexes. Your job
is to figure out what to do to solve
each level. Features include arcade
action, on-line hints, clues, and demo
mode. Requires at least a 286/12 with
512K of RAM, EGA/VGA and a mouse.

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