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Megazeux gameplay screenshot
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Megazeux v2.51 (, 749k) - This is the last official release of the Megazeux game engine. Some older games may require it to work properly.

Megazeux screenshot
Megazeux gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 5
The best, most flexible game creation system created for MS-DOS, in my opinion. While it doesn't allow for the best graphics (it's in text mode, but you can edit the ASCII characters), it's extremely flexible, and it also allows Soundblaster music and sound effects. Games are created using a GUI to place various blocks, and programs are written using the built-in OOP Robotic programming language. There are also plenty of user created games available and there were also many webpages dedicated to it. Check it out.
-- MegaZeux 2.51 -- From Software Visions --
** MUCH BETTER MUSIC CODE than version 2! **
**      MAJOR UPDATE from version 1!      **
MegaZeux is a game designer's dream come true! Patterned
after ZZT, MegaZeux includes a comprehensive game editor
with an interal programming language, allowing you to
create endless worlds of your own! One intricate world
included, four with registration of $15. EGA/286 required,
mouse/SB/GUS/PAS supported. World contest- send 'em in!

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