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Mean Mini Golf screenshot
Mean Mini Golf gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 2.5
Mean Mini Golf is a simple miniature golf simulation using primitive graphics. What's "mean" about it? Well besides the numerous water / sand traps there's also the negative comments that briefly flash if you do particularly poorly on a hole. An insulting gopher lets you know how you're doing! Also there are a couple holes with some surprising tricks it plays against you. In terms of gameplay, you simply choose the angle of your swing using the up and down arrow keys (or PgUp and PgDown to change the angle faster) and then press Enter twice to determine the power of your shot. The layout of the course is always the same and there is no multiplayer option. There are a full complement of 18 holes to play through, for which the par is 52. Not much more to say, it's pretty basic but it does work pretty well with the limited feature set that it has and is surprisingly somewhat enjoyable to play.

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