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Last Knight at Camelot screenshot
Last Knight at Camelot gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 3.5
This platforming game is marketed as a "wholesome, nonviolent fun for the entire family." King Arthur needs another knight for his court, and that knight could be you! The gameplay feels a little like Jill of the Jungle in how your character jumps and moves, but the levels are simpler and more linear in a left-to-right progression. Graphics are decent and although this game seems more targeted at kids, it could still be enjoyable for anyone to play as a more relaxed platforming style game.
Last Knight at Camelot-v1.0 (Win95/3.1 & DOS)
It is the time king Arthur, and you are a
brave knight who wants to join the fabled
Round Table. To prove your worth, you must
dodge your opponents and collect goods and
treasures in and around legendary Camelot.
Exciting action with smooth-scrolling, 
brilliant graphics, animation & sound! 
Wholesome, nonviolent fun for the entire
family. By Adventure LearningWare.

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