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Laser Light gameplay screenshot
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320 × 200
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Laser Light screenshot
Laser Light gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 3
Laser Light is a unique puzzle game where the object is to use various mirrors and other objects to guide a laser to hit a target. By placing and moving around mirrors you can control the flow of the laser. This game features an interesting concept, as well as decent graphics and sound effects. The puzzles quickly become difficult and the interface during the game is not the best but overall it is a generally fun new experience for puzzle game fans.
LASER LIGHT 1.11s Pixel Painters. Laser Light
is a highly addictive puzzle game with 256
colors, Sound Blaster music and effects. You
must use mirrors and beam splitters to guide
your beams to hit the targets. This new
version offers samples of all the difficulty
levels! Plus, added features to make winning
easier & more fun! Laser Light is sure to
keep you challenged! Reqs: 640K, VGA, Mouse &
286+; Opt: SB Card

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